Getting a Great Deal on Mens Designer Clothes

Over the past few years it has been well publisized that the number of empty retail units and shop fronts has increased dramatically, with the tough economic climate taking and the lack of lending from the high street banks, it has driven many small retailers out of business. In previous years an empty shop in a key position on the high street would have snapped up, even before it had been put on the the market. 레플리카

The depth of the economic recession as meant that a huge percentage of shops have remained empty and will do for some time until lending resumes and business are encouraged to grow.

There are however a small group of British owned brands who are making the most of the cheaper rent and available stores in and around the trendy parts of London. One retailer in particular, Folk Clothing has opened 2 stores in the past few months and is looking to expand further with the possible introduction of a third store within a 20 miles radius of its main office and showroom.

Folk clothing is an independently owned mens fashion label which has grown, from its launch in 2001, into into one of the most sough after brands among fashion savvy men. Folk clothing along with Shofolk, its sister footwear brand, is stocked in many of the countries top independent retailers and now in its 2 own brand London stores.

There are also some great boutiques throughout Europe which stock the Folk clothing collection, they have been selected by the owners of the brand who are in a fortunate position that because their brand is sought after, they can pick and choose who they want to stock the brand.

The folk collection is very distinctive they specialise in high quality garments, all of which are made in the best factories with the finest quality fabrics. The shirting and the knits are generally Made in Hong Kong and Portugal, and many of the other items are made throughout Europe.

The attention to detail and the subtle branding make the Folk clothing products different from other brands they also use interesting colours palates and fits of garments.

To browse the Folk clothing [] collection you can visit the Laundry Room website, this shows which Folk items are stocked by the top online fashion stores in the Uk. Laundry Room also stock over 30 other mens fashion brands such as APC clothing, Nudie Clothing, NDC shoes and Acne Clothing.

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